Questions & Answers

Sometimes questions are asked directly to me. I'm pleased (..) but I found that the proper place for questions are the newsgroups. But when I have time I try to solve the problem (or at least give some directions).
So you can asked me directly but I can't promise you a solution...

Printing centered line
Not able to compile projects
Textbox popup menus
Using Tree Views - Node Collapse
ListBox Index Properties and Variable Arrays
Copying file with size greater then diskette
MS Access Import/Export
SystemMenu on mdiForm
SQL query
Error: 'Object required'
inserting numbers into db
Translate strings
Help with CR and VB
Date conversion
Saving file
CASE structure implementation in VB
How to Import Ascii(fixed Length )file in access,Update and Export as ascii file
'Operation not yet Implemented' Error
RightClick Menu & userkeys
Copying Multiple Files or Directory
Puntjes voor nog in te type letters. ( in dutch)
separate fields
Create a grid without accessing to the database.
User Management
Common Dialog for Fonts
Public declarations
Cash management
CASE structure implementation
PopUpMenu on runtime
Using a database to store and retrieve User Names
Excel in VB
using mailto in VB
moving forms
Ascii code of pressed key
Database question
Start Password utility automatic
Starting without user interference
How to get the period between two dates?
DataBase Question
VB Calculator: limit input
creating your own dll's
Scrollbar & Reverse Strings
Resize column at runtime
print..... print.....
KeyPreview & Format
Need code for creating a multiply calculation form
Users & Groups with Access
Tic Tac Toe
passing a variable to a dll
Common Dialog and Cancel
VB Calculator
Getting a progams own path including filename
Two questions about making Internet Applications
Creating Help-files
Two questions on the same day about strings!
Using Access with VB
manage INI - files with vb 5.0
Shell command
run-time error object required
Startup VB App In Win3.x
Re: READ THIS if your seeking for answers...
API FindWindow
Printing from Richtextbox
VB help on selecting and deleting a file
Access 'FindFirst' method
Win API functie for getting the product ID (in dutch)
Using AppActivate for focussing an application
Finding the first monday of a month
Changing cursor and placing an URL in VB
Printing with Crystal Reports (in dutch)
Updating Access databases (and back)
Access, Word or what?
Changing Fontpropertys at runtime
Print data without reports (in dutch)
Downloaded Database Tip
E-mail boodschappen in Access db (in dutch!)
Working with access
Manipulating printing
Showing a complete form at random on screen
Manipulating Dates & Hours
Showing numbers at random on label
Replacing string as it is keyed in
VB 5 wavein question (API)
Showing Date and including Photo in database
Checking for multiple numbers
Manipulating strings
At random strings
Calculate strings
Saving window-settings on screen
Using INSTR with a string
Finding search in database
Using SHELL with focus
Using the command App.Path
Calling Forms from within another Form
Convert TextBox to List(API)
Getting the computername (API)
Looking for seperate words in a string
Checking if userinput is a valid time/date
Returning the path to an application
Returning the path to windows
Center on screen
Getting TEMP (API)
Parsing the drive
Grabbing numbers from string
Showing day of the week
Copying query-result into a variable
Checking Commandbuttons
Calculate the pressed optionbuttons
Create an auto-scrolling listbox
Extract all label captions
Using a configurationfile in the application directory
MDIform not showing Min, Max & End buttons
Executable without a form and using a parameter
Using CurrentX and CurrentY with printing
Printing and CommonDialog
Make a childform on top in MDI form
Play and record a Wave
Searching for certain DLL's
Error in loading DLL (Tips 113)
TextBox: MaxLenght & AutoTab
Setting the printer mode
Running applications
Getting the printer name
VB5 Math Library
Copying Files in VB
VB5 install problem (something todo with the MSIE?)
Mail in VB4
API Menu Callback or not?
Listbox positioning
Waiting for a Dos-Shell to finish
How to create a transparant textbox
Making icons & links
Showing two lines of text on a commandbutton
Launching the Phonedialer
Getting date & time from server
Adding a FileType to the Registry
Retrieving HTML-source in VB
Using the Do .. Loop
Window95 Dial-Up settings
CommonDialog and OpenFile
Modemsettings in w95-registry
Showing tablenames in VB
Using a Splashscreen
Using Shell with parameters
Copying Files
Displaying recordset
Reading unformatted data from Clipboard into a certain format
KeyPress event: making an HTML-editor
Array: filling and emptying
Using linefeed and MultiLine in textbox
Create File in windows-directory
Loading listbox with values from access database
Convert numbers to text
About CGI
UserId w3.x & Novell