Translate strings

I want to make a dictionary.
So I have made a database (named Dictionary) which has 3 fields:" ID "-
for ID ,"cuvint" -for the word I want to translate and "definitie" -for
the translation. On one form I have put a DBComboBox ,a textbox,a data.
-DBCombo is conected to Data1:DataField to cuvint ;ListField -to cuvint
(to load all words) -textbox is conected to DataSource-data1;
DataField-definitia -Data1 -DatabaseName:Dictionary And  when a word which
is displayed in DBCombo I want to display automatically its translation in
textbox,but I don't know how to connect DBCombo with the textbox. It is
necessary to build build 2 databases :one for the word and one for the
translation or can Iconnect them with ID field?

Camelia Draghicean ;camelia@usa.com

A: Example Project You are in luck because I just added an exmaple about translations. You can get it from the site in the 'Publish' section.. Translation Return