Q: Access 'FindFirst' method
> 1). The database field 'KeyField' is defined "YYYYWKMMDDHHMM". 

How can I find the first occurance of the Key Value  "YYYYWK" using 
FindFirst or can I? I want the user to be able to go to any specific week 
in any year.  Thanks

rserrano; rserrano@webzone.net
A: I don't know if you have tryed the Left function of VB? Like this... (extract form the msaccess-section on the site) Dim rsList as recordset Dim dbDName as database Dim searchstring Set dbDName = opendatabase(yourdatabase) Set rsList = dbDName.openrecordset(yourtable) rsList.FindFirst Left([KeyField],6) = " & (searchstring) If Not rsList.Nomatch then 'show record Else rsList.FindNext End if see the site for more info about searching http://www.kather.net/VisualBasicSource/msa/ms7.html Return