Q: Windows 95 Dial-Up settings 
Do you know where the information for a dial-up connection is stored? I looked in the registration database, but I could only find the name of the connection. I tried looking for a file of that name, but all I found was the .LNKs. I need to be able to change the username, password, and phone number.
Dan Williams; dew@axiomcp.com

A: I found in the registry the key HKCU\Remote Access where some items are stored like the username, the name of the dial-up connection. There are also items in binary - I didnot find the phonenumber (perhaps in binary; you can check it by changing the phonenumber and then again read the registry -> search for the differences).
The password is - I thought - not in the registry but somewhere else. I didnot find anything.

I hope you have more luck somewhere else.. Return