Q: Showing a complete form at random on screen

Actually two questions concerning a screen-saver:
-I can move a picture across the screen but how can I get it to do that 
on random locations? I want the picture to jump to different locations 
every 15 seconds.
Code is now:
main.Move (main.Left + 100) Mod ScaleWidth, (main.Top + 50) Mod ScaleHeight
So the picture just scrolls diagonally down the screen....

-The picture runs of the screen. Probably as the picture location is 
calculated by TOP and LEFT so everything to the bottom and right runs 
of screen.
How can I make sure the picture is allways fully visible?

 it isn't a question about screensavers but about sizes. But the 
answers would be like the following (I haven't checked it but it 
seems logic).

Making the form popup on random locations:

> main.Move (main.Left + 100) Mod ScaleWidth, (main.Top + 50) Mod
> ScaleHeight

You must change the hardcoded location 'main.Left + 100' and 
'main.Top + 50' into softmade locations.
Assuming Main is the name of the form to popup it would be like:

 main.Move Screen.Width * Rnd, Screen.Height * Rnd

Showing the whole form will take some controlling before showing the 
form: The main.Left + main.Width may not be greater then the 
Screen.Width * Rnd. And the main.Top + main.Height may not be greater 
then the Screen.Height * Rnd

 Dim X, Y
 X = CLng((Screen.Width - Me.Width) * Rnd)
 Y = CLng((Screen.Height - Me.Height) * Rnd)
 Me.Move X, Y

or on one line: Me.Move CLng((Screen.Width - Me.Width) * Rnd), 
CLng((Screen.Height -Me.Height) * Rnd)