Q: expiration 
Hi your site is great helped me when i was confused, ok i have a problem
im working on this project and i update it every month i want to set an
expiration date in it so after 1 month or the date i want it will stop
fonctioning, i found some ocx that did this but they charge like 100$
just for that their crazy hehe, maybe you can help me in a direction so
what ever thanks in advance. have a nice day


A: first (and most simple way to break it) is to save the date the programs first installed into a file or registrysetting. then every time the programs starts you must check the saved date with today. When it exceeds tou can show a message (or what ever you want to do... don't format the harddisk ;-)))) You can set the startdate somewhere in the registry. You can make it very difficult to find by using an uncommon key to save under (not your application name)... Return