Q: Users & Groups with Access 
I am using Microsoft Access 97 and set up an secure database.
Each user log on with his own USERID and I use that USERID to open a
specific screen for the user.

A number of USERS belong to the same GROUP and each GROUP requires the same
screen (Form) to open.

The only way I could write the CODE was as follows:
 If CurrentUser = "Laumed" Then
 GoTo Purchasing
 ElseIf CurrentUser = "DavidRe" Then
 GoTo Purchasing

Laume de Swardt; Laumed@automakers.com

A: Why not make a table with usernames connected with their group? Then set an index to the username. When logging in check which group the user belongs to and then make a Select.. Case for starting the right form?? Select Case strGroup Case "Finance" Call frmFinance Case "Sales" Call frmSales Case Else Call frmShop End Select Return