Q: Access-DB and VB5.0 
Do you know how to get a listing of Tables in an Access Database-file, then compare user-input (Simple Login-screen), to the list?
breiner@post1.tele.dk (Breiner, Allan)

make a new form with a command button. Set the code in the click event. Change the [yourdatabase] with the location and name of the database you want to check. Then press F5 and click the command button. Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim dWorkspace As Workspace Dim DB As Database, tDB As Database Dim J, I Dim UserInput Dim vFound% UserInput = InputBox("which table do you want to see?") If UserInput = "" Then Exit Sub vFound% = False Set dWorkspace = Workspaces(0) Set DB = dWorkspace.OpenDatabase([yourdatabase]) For J = 0 To dWorkspace.Databases.Count - 1 Set tDB = dWorkspace.Databases(J) 'show databasename 'MsgBox tDB.Name For I = 0 To tDB.TableDefs.Count - 1 If Left$(tDB.TableDefs(I).Name, 4) <> "MSys" Then 'show tablename 'MsgBox tDB.TableDefs(I).Name 'check against userinput If LCase$(tDB.TableDefs(I).Name) = LCase$(UserInput) Then MsgBox tDB.TableDefs(I).Name vFound% = True Exit For End If End If Next I Next J If Not vFound% Then MsgBox "table " & UserInput & " not found..." End Sub Return