Q: Help displaying recordset

I am trying to open and query an access database with VB 4. I want to populate 4 different controls with the recordset. two dbcomboboxes, a dblistbox, and a text box.
What I can't figure out is how to tie the different fields to the controls. I have found a lot of info on how to do the query, but not to display the query. Any help would be appreciated.
Patrick McClard patrick.mcclard@sierra.com

A: Check out the Access section: Private Sub Command1_Click() 'make a new form with two listboxes and one combobox and a commandbutton 'put this code under the click_event Dim mydb As Database Dim sSQL$ Dim rsRecordset As Recordset Dim counter% Const dbNAme$ = [yourdatabasenameandlocation] Const tbName$ = [yourtablename] list1.Clear list2.Clear combo1.Clear Set mydb = OpenDatabase(dbNAme$) 'select what you want/need sSQL$ = "SELECT * FROM " & tbName 'fill the recordset with the needed data Set rsRecordset = mydb.OpenRecordset(sSQL$) 'fill the first listbox with the fieldsnames For counter% = 0 To rsRecordset.Fields.Count - 1 list1.AddItem rsRecordset.Fields(counter%).Name Next counter% 'start on top Do While Not rsRecordset.EOF 'fill second listbox with the first value list2.AddItem rsRecordset.Fields(0).Value 'fill combobox with the second value combo1.AddItem rsRecordset.Fields(1).Value 'move to next record rsRecordset.MoveNext Loop rsRecordset.Close mydb.Close End Sub Return