Q: Manipulating Dates & Hours
 I am a beginner in VB and I am trying to write my first program in
 VB. It is a Shift Report Program for Employees in the Data center
 working shifts. My REXX Program runs perfectly on the Mainframe
 (MVS/TSO) environment and I would like to achieve the same in VB.

 My Problem:

 A Function or Procedure that returns the following output when I enter
 a week for example 2 (For year 98).

 Mth Yr Day  From     To
                           (Time input by user)



 05.01     Mon     15.00    23.15

 06.01     Tue      18.45   04.15

 07.01     Wed     15.00  23.15    Should display all days in Week 2

 08.01     Thu      15.00  23.15

 09.01      Fri       14.00  22.15

 10.01     Sat
 11.01     Sun

 A Function or Procedure that calculates the hours worked (24 Hr clock)
 and returns the hours worked Example  from 15.00 to 23.15 = 8.15 hrs
The report should be calculated on a weekly basis and printed monthly.

Jay Pillai; Jay_Pillai@swissre.com
Get the example (16 Kb).