Help with CR and VB 

I was wondering if you could help me in regards to a problem with crystal
reports. In your example of code titled "Working with crystal reports:
Simple use of CR in VB", we tried to use this code to work around with the
problem we are having, but it comes up with an error stating Runtime
error: 20504  "Report not found", when it tries to execute line .action =
1. The problem we are facing is that with Crystal Reports we use the sql
query which creates a report in CR and in the VB code we are using
Selection Formula to pass a parameter (integer) (the code is:
rptReoprt.SelectionFormula= "{tblUnit.ComplexId}= & intSearchId &"").
However, this does not work since it always displays the first record.

Irena Budimir; i_budimir@hotmail.com

A: the selectionformula will not work because you have a quote on the wrong place: rptReoprt.SelectionFormula= "{tblUnit.ComplexId}= " & intSearchId . About the errormessage 'report not found' you can check if .ReportFileName holds a relevant value.... Return