Error: 'Object required'

I have a problem which I couldn't get answered. It comes in two parts.
1)    Can VB6.0 access an Access2000 database?
2)    Once I have got an ADODC reading form a database, how can I select a record from those available?
I have checked various sources and they all say the same thing:

table.Index = (name_of_your_index)
table.Seek "=",  (searchstring)

However, when using this code I find I get the error message: 

'Object required'

and highlights the first of these two lines.

Rams; ramsay.domloge@tesco.net

A: hello Ramsay, first I don't know if VB6 can connect to a MS Access 2000 db but I think it can do this. second about the 'Object required' error: Have you expliced declared the object 'Table'? Did you included the right references? I see in your code you haven't done this in your section Search stuff with the variable Contacts, searchstring and searchMethod. So I think when you add the reference and declare it right the search on index will work also (of course you have added an index with the proper name?) Return