Q: Need a little help; 
Suppose I copy a data from the excel to the clipboard, which is as

Allen	12
Anderson 13
Douglas 12
Ohio 49

How can I read the county name and the data in an array or in a grid box?
the Clipboard.GetText(vbCFText) reads the whole data, i want to read one
by one.

Tarik tarik@falcon.cc.ukans.edu

A: Hello Tarik what about the next solution? It's just to give you an idea how to work. In the command_click code is also the code to put the data into an array. BUT the data MUST be separated by a space. In the function GetPartofString you search for a space as a seperator. So if that's not the case then you have to change the code to search for (space = chr(32)) Make a new project with a form, two labels and a command button Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim vTekst$ vTekst$ = "Allen 12 " vTekst$ = vTekst$ & "Anderson 13 " vTekst$ = vTekst$ & "Bernard 14 " vTekst$ = vTekst$ & "Constance 15 " Label1.Caption = vTekst$ Select Case Command1.Caption Case "Copy Clipboard" Clipboard.Clear Clipboard.SetText Label1.Caption Command1.Caption = "Put into Label" Case "Put into Label" Label2.Caption = GetPartofString(Clipboard.GetText, 1) Command1.Caption = "Copy Clipboard" End Select Exit Sub 'read in array Dim vText(7) As String Dim c% For c% = 0 To 7 vText(c%) = GetPartofString(Clipboard.GetText, c% + 1) Next c% 'show result For c% = 0 To 7 MsgBox vText(c%) Next c% End Sub Private Function GetPartofString(source$, part%) As String Dim p%, c%, tmp$ tmp$ = source$ c% = 0 Do p% = InStr(tmp, Chr(32)) If p% <> 0 Then GetPartofString = Left(tmp, p% - 1) c% = c% + 1 tmp = Right(tmp, Len(tmp) - p%) End If Loop While c% <> part% End Function Return