User Management

 I have currently undertaken a visual basic project where I have to develop a time attendance system that records employee arrival and leaving times.
At the end of the month a report is produced which details the total hours worked, total hours in credit and total hours in debt.  
I have managed to get some of the program working, however the problem that I have is as follows:
When a user logs on, the password is checked using an access database. If the password is correct the next interface is displayed which shows the clock in and clock out command buttons. 
When the user clocks in the value is stored in the first record of the database rather than under the correct user records. My question is, how do get the clocking in and out
times to be stored within the access database under the correct user? 

A: I assume you have an acces db. In that case you must first set the proper record the current one before you can do an update. I think you have two tables: one with the username & password and one with the times. So when a user arrives you check the first table. If thats ok you insert into the second one a new record with the userid and the arrival time. At the end of the day you check again the first table and then goto the relevant record (userid, date) and do an update of the exit time. All this methods are discribed in the ms acces section Return