RightClick Menu & userkeys

1) I have got a query regarding the distribution of a  demo application
I want my application to be used for a limited time period after which
the application should stop working . I don't know exactly how you do it
in VB, but have heard that it has something to do with editing the

2) I have tried to use the right click popup menu in the program but
there's a major problem
When I right click, the first menu generated is of the system and then
the customised menu is generated. I want to remove the system generated


A: ad 1: You can set something in the registry and check every time the program starts. You can also disable some of your application possiblitys and use a code to unlock them. On the site you find functions to use the registry (called Registry). The re will be within a week or so an example about using usercode. ad 2: you mean when you rightclick on a textbox? I thought that there was a solution in the VBTips section or in the Knowledgebase Return