Q: Two questions about making Internet Applications
1. So here is my problem, I know the basic theory of what needs to be done,
but I do not have the call functions, nor the constants that accompany
them. I have researched the internet for over 45 hours, and have come up
with nothing that is free so far. So I am wondering if you have any idea of
these 2 call functions, or where I could find them. Thanks.

Delif Mishra; ctx@pemail.net

2. Do you have any idea how to communicate with VB (TCP/IP and IPX)??
We would like to use such stuff in our chatprogram (for LAN),
and in a game we are currently working on.

Koen Janssens; Koen.Janssens@village.uunet.be

A: So programming the winsock is not very easy; I wont start with it. But there are people out there who has already done the work for you. I use a third party control (dsSocket) which is cheap, simple and working very well. There is also a very good book about using it in internet apllication by Carl Franklin. I must say that it help me a lot... For you information: the ISBN on the book is 0-471-13420-1. CDRom included which holds the vbx/ocx. You can also go direclty to the website of the control; http://www.dolphinsys.com/dssocket.html Return