Q: vb5 DLL & install problem...
This is desperation attempt to try and find answer to problem. I have app that includes fm20.dll and shdocvw.dll and installs OK but when user tries to run it they get error message: a required library is missing. If they download IE 3.0 or above the app starts working. Any ideas how to get around this?
Steven R. Rowell; rowell@dair.pair.com

first: did you use the installation wizard to find out which files are really needed? You don't miss anything?
second: after installing IE 3.0 are the files changed in anyway (size, date, version?)

If you can get a 'clean' pc with only w95 on it. Then install your setup-program (made with the wizard). If this works then you have missed one or more files.
If it is not working just make a note of the installed DLLs on your system. Then install the IE 3.0. Check your application. If it is working al right check your note of DLLs against the recent DLLs after IE 3.0

BTW your program doesn't requeri the IE installed on your system? It's not a kind of browser or something like that??

I'm sure you will find the solution this way.