Q: Excel in VB 
I want to know how to use Excel data in the vb programming
this is not a VBA in EXCEL

for example,
there is book1.xls including sheet1.
sheet1 has the name and address data fields
and there is book2.xls including sheet1.
sheet1 has name and phone number data
so I will use two excel files and I wll output book3,xls including
sheet1 has name,address and phone number.

JU-BOK LEE; rambo1210@hotmail.com

first you must add the right refence to your project: Microsoft Excel 8.0 Object Library. Then you must add the VBAXL8.HLP file form the Office ceedee. Now you can make an object of an Execel application and do ht ethinghs you want to do with it. For an example about making and working with objects see on teh site for the file Word. It's - like the title says - about working transparant with word but basicly it is the same. Return