Q: Using the command App.Path
Averill Cate; acate@u.arizona.edu wrote: I am trying to develop a database application using Visual Basic and am new at using VB. The project will be developed in one office and installed and run at another. I need to figure out how I create my application so that it accesses its data at either place, when the data might be stored on different drive letters. For example, at the development location by data files will be located in e:\project1\data and at the location where users will access the application the the project and data files might be in c:\project1\data. How do I make the VB application able to cope with this? Thanks.
Q: Make use of the command APP.PATH. I see that you have a directory DATA under the directory where you have the executable. So make in your code the location of the MDB as: Dim strPath$ strPath$ = App.Path & "\data\" & AppExeName & "mdb" In the variable strPath$ is the full path & name of the database. (In this case the database have the same name as the executable but you can change that easy.) Return