Q: About CGI
could you make me a REAL simple program.. so i can see the code and how it works.. kinda like a form with some text boxes.. the info in the box is sent to me.. when they hit send have it pop up a message that says it was sent.. the program and a html file.. (snipped) any help you could give me would be great..
Justin justin@worldpath.net

A: there are a few things you have to bare in mind: '- get the right cgi32.bas file '- I use O'Reilly webserver software; I really don't tested it on other servers '- this code is an extract from a working CGI-Executable '- users can give more search-words with (or without) the AND /OR '- you have to need access to the cgi-win directory on your server '- assumed is the existence of a access database in a directory your users can access '- if you have all that then go on.... Get the file vb4CGI.txt.