Q: Need Help! with Do Loop 
The following code is part of an assignment that I am trying to complete by Thursday. It is supposed to go through each of the records one by one and stop when it gets to the last record. Having difficulty figuring out how the Do function works to stop the program on the last record.

The following code is supposed to return the data for each record in my file, when I press the Read BUTTON. It only returns the last record and no other. Probably the placement of my do statement, but I can't seem to get it to work.
Note: the file is opened by another command button. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Sub cmdRead_Click() Dim intNumericAverage As Integer Dim strGrade As String Dim intCounter As String Do While Not EOF(intFileNum) Input #intFileNum, strLastName, strFirstName, intEnglish, intFrench, intGeography, intChemistry intNumericAverage = (intEnglish + intFrench + intGeography + intChemistry) / 4 If intNumericAverage <= 54 Then strGrade = "Fail" ElseIf intNumericAverage <= 69 Then strGrade = "Pass" ElseIf intNumericAverage <= 84 Then strGrade = "Good" ElseIf intNumericAverage >= 85 Then strGrade = "Excellent" End If txtLastName.Text = strLastName txtFirstName.Text = strFirstName txtEnglish.Text = CStr(intEnglish) & " %" txtFrench.Text = CStr(intFrench) & " %" txtGeography.Text = CStr(intGeography) & " %" txtChemistry.Text = CStr(intChemistry) & " %" lblnumericaverage.Caption = CStr(intNumericAverage) & " %" lblGrade.Caption = strGrade Loop Close #intFileNum End Sub --------------------------------------------------- Bob Knight bknight@interlog.com A: Get the file Grades.zip (28 Kb). Return