Printing centered line

Hello, my name is David and I am trying to manually code a 
report-to-printer in landscape. 
I have figured out the Font, Orientation, etc... but I cannot figure out how to center the text I am printing such as headings etc...

David Fernandez; davidf@systematic.net

A: crystal reports is an option for making quick and easy reports in VB... if you have the prof. version of vb you get also Crystal Reports. Otherwise you have to do all in code.. So if you want a certain line to be printed centered you must send the printer with the command CurrentX and CurrentY to the calcluated position. Example if your line length on the printer is 80 and the length of the line to print is 40 then the CurrentX will be (80\2) - (40\2). You can easlily make a function for this... (Just check out if this works also with proportional fonts) Return