'Operation not yet Implemented' Error

Hi, I'm currently upgrading an application from 16-bit VB4 to 32-bit VB5.
Part of the program uses Crystal Reports (in all there are 3 different
reports). The 16 bit version used Opena and SQL to pickup data for the
reports from a mainframe, but the 32 bit version uses a mainframe program
to return the required data in a string, so Opena is no longer required. 

One of the reports works ok, but the other two produce error 
20999, 'Operation not yet implemented', after encountering the line 
rptReports.Action = 1 

Immediately before this line, the status property of the report returns -1. After the line is processed (and before error handling produces the above error) the status is 4. 

I've not altered any of the formulae at all, other than changing the
source of one of two of the data items used. Also, I've checked that the
formulae are being produced ok and have taken one of the problem reports
into a smaller stand alone application, but this still produces the same
error. This test application doesn't connect to the mainframe at all, so
that's not the problem. Also, I've tried putting one of the problem
reports into the VB4 version of the main application and it works fine.

Richard Brown ;rajbrown@europe.com

A: Simulair error?? Well I have no solution but I have expercied a simulair problem (I think). We use CR connect to an ODBC db. On the development machine the DNS connection was named 'Test'. All reports worded fine. On the workstation the DNS connection was named after the ODBCname. No report was working any more.. all showed the 'not connected to a database' error (20999). After renaming the ODBCname to 'Test' it all worked fine.. It seems that CR keeps the name of db(s) in the reportsfile. I have not find any solution yet to solve this problem other then making sure the ODBCname is equal.. There are some command like ConnectToDatabase but they don't seems to work in VB. Return