I need some help with my program. i already developed a program  thats a
stand alone Examination system but i need to know how i can do it if there
would be multi-user to use that program. it can run as long as its
accessed by only one user, but how do i do it if there would be 30 people
to use that program?


A: Locking the database it depends on what your program does.. if it's only for reading (not writing by users I mean) you have no concern about multiusers. But if you want your users to write, delete or in any way change your data you must make sure that this is done properly. So if you have a db you must check if any other user is editing a record you want to edit... There are some ways to check this.. it also depends on what db you are using. A quick way is to add to all your vital tables a record which can contain the current username. So if another user want to change in any way the same record they cannot do so until the first user has released the reciord. So for this way of checking you must have a proper procedure which checks id any username is filled. if so then the record is not available. if not then the name of the user that is asking for this record must be written down. After closing the record the username must be removed.... it's the simplest way but also the most controable way to check. You can use the db-property for locking but the are always some problems with this. Return