Q: Using a database to store and retrieve User Names 
My name is Ward Mitchell. I am currently creating a program that
involves a login into the main part of a VB application that I am
creating. I have searched the internet trying to find the answer, or
some code relevant to the question, but haven't found anything.

My question: How do you program a MS Access database to store and
retreive usernames and passwords from a database already created, for
access into the program, via this login form?

Ward Mitchell

what about this (just freewheeling) you have a database called Application with a table Users with fields UsreName. Password you have a inlogscreen with two textboxes txtUserName, txtPassWord and a commandbutton cmdOk You have NOT a connection to the database (I don't know if you use the datacontrol so I do everything in code) Under the cmdOK_Click event you put the next code: Sub cmdOK_Click 'first check if both entrys are filled If Len(txtUserName.text) And LEN(txtPassWord.text) Then If Not CheckAuthorisation(txtUserName.Text,txtPassWord.Text) Then Goto cmdOK_FAIL End If End If Exit Sub cmdOK_FAIL: Unload Me End Sub Private Function CheckAuthorisation(Byref strUserName As String _ .Byref strPassWord As String) Dim Db As Database Dim rs As Recordset Dim SQL as String On Error Goto CheckAuthorisation_FAIL CheckAuthorisation = False Set db = OpenDatabase("Appplication") SQL = " SELECT * FROM Users " + _ " WHERE UserName = '" + strUserName + "'" + _ " AND PassWord = "' + strPassWord + "'" Set rs = db.OpenRecordSet(SQL) If Not rs.NoMatch Then CheckAuthorisation = TRUE Exit Function End If CheckAuthorisation_FAIL: End Function I haven't tested it in code but it must be working. Just don't forget to add the proper reference to your project!! btw this way your userdatabase can be a different one then the application database! Return