Cash management

Hi,  I have a program I'm writing for a class, and I'm having some trouble with it. I have designed the GUI for the program but the code is driving me crazy. The description of the VB program is below. I got your e mail from  your website.

Program Specification
- Credit card account balance starts with 0
- When there is a charge, the balance will increase by that amount.
- When there is a cash advance, there will be an automatic fee of 2 % of the advance amount added to the balance in addition to the advance amount.
- Charges and cash advances (excluding cash advance fee) cannot be allowed
if they increase the balance to more than $5000.00, that is the credit limit. If a user goes beyond the credit limit, donot allow the charge (or  cash advance) and display an error message. 
- When there is a payment, the balance is reduced by that amount. Payment amount can be larger than the  balance, resulting in a credit balance. Each payment amount should be at  least $10.00 or the amount of the balance, which ever is smaller. If a user pays less than the minimum required payment of $10.00, then automatically the software applies a fee of $5.00 to the balance. 
- Fees (ie monthly fee, late payment) increase the balance. Fees can be any amount. 
- Users have to select a transaction type and enter a GOOD dollar amount before pressing Apply. The project should chec for bad numeric data. Use the MsgBox function to display error messages. Calculation should only be done in the "Apply" button event; the balance and other totals should be updated in this event procedure. 
- The total fee should include cash advance fees. 
- Asume that there is no interest charge. 
- When users press "New Account", the balance and all totals should be cleared with 0. The transaction type and amount should also be cleared.

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A: Example project Well I liked the idea so much I have made a little project for you with some functions in code.. Just take a look at it and you will get the picture.. good luck with it Cash Return