Not able to compile projects

Hi, Currently I'm using VB6 and I have found that I can't 
compile any of my programs. I am trying to make Exe files
but my windows 98 keeps getting stuck and compile does 
not complete.
When I press CTRL ALT DEL I see the  problem is 
Winoldap". I can't find anything in your news groups
on this subject. Could you please tell me what I can do 
about this problem? Thank you.
Faezeh Pourmohmmadi; FaezehPourmohammadi@markross.com

A: there is a servicepack for vb6. perhaps it will solve your problem. also did you install w98 over an exsisting w95? That can be also the problem. My guess is first get the service pack and otherwise try to compile you project an a 'clean' machine... Return