I am loading a list box with about 3,000 names in it, but it takes 
a long time to do this, the code I am using is IF NOT EOF then LOAD LOOP.
you probably get the idea.  Is there an API call to load this faster, or do
you know of any other way to load it faster.  I am using VB 3.0 and access 2.0.
Keith Bauer ris@albany.net

A: first.. are you reading in 3000 names in a listbox or is your database 3000 records big and you just want a selection into the listbox? It's a lot to show in a listbox...

anyway I think your code looks like this..
'open recordset set rs = db.openrecordset(tablename) Do While Not rs.EOF list1.additem rs.Fields(0).Value rs.MoveNext Loop There's not much you can do to make it faster... You can make the list-box invisible before starting the loop and visible after you're done. But that's just 'cosmetic'.

You can consider to 'narrow' you database: Suppose you're looking for a name but you're not sure about the right writing. You can make an inputbox where your user can give some input where to search for. Then you make an SQL-string and load your listbox with the found names. like this: 'input user in Text1.Text vSearchFor = "*" & Text1.Text & "*" SQL$ = "SELECT * FROM " & yourtable SQL$ = SQL$ & " WHERE name LIKE '" & vSearchFor & "'" 'open recordset set rs = db.openrecordset(SQL$) Do While Not rs.EOF list1.additem rs.Fields(0).Value rs.MoveNext Loop Suppose you user look for 'smit'; giving the above code the listbox will show all the names with 'smit' in it -> 'smith', 'smits' but also 'messersmith'.