Q: Changing cursor and placing an URL in VB
Hi, I'm a VB programmer and I want to change the cursor into "Hand", More like the cursor over IE4.0's hyper link. And I want to know how to make a hyperlink in the VB program. I'm using VB5.0 enterprise version. Thank you. Ace Ace; ace@public.bta.net.cn A: 'make a new project 'add a form 'insert the code 'press F5 Private Sub Form_Load() Me.MousePointer = 99 Me.MouseIcon = LoadPicture("c:\Program Files\DevStudio\VB\Graphics\Cursors\bullseye.cur") End Sub For starting a URL in VB see the site.. http://www.kather.net/VisualBasicSource/scindex.htm for the files concerning URL (different solutions) Return