I found your great webpage concerning visual basic, but I couldn't 
get any answer to my question: 
Is there any possibility, that i can use the same setup program for W3.1 and W95. I can create Icons in W3.1, but if my setup program runs under W95, nothing gets created (no Links ...) and vice versa. I'm working with VB4.0 (16 bit).

A: on the site there are two files about making programgroups, shortcuts & links (in vb3 & vb4 both named Setup). I don't use VB4/16" but I'm sure you can use them. But if you want to be able to use it in both operating systems you have FIRST to check what kind of windows is installed. There is an API call which returns the window-version. Depending on the outcome of this you use the code for w3 or for w95... Getting the window-version is expland in the file System (vb4). This is for both 16" as 32" windows.. Return