Q: KeyPreview & Format
Question #1:

I have created an application with a nunber of different forms and I would
like to have the form visible on the screen close or unload and then go
back to the previous screen(or form) when the user presses the 'escape'
key. Presently I have a command button on each form to accomplish this but
I'd rather not have too. Any suggestions?

Question #2:

One of my forms opens up an access 'mdb' and populates a few text boxes
visible on my form with some numeric values from one of the tables. The
problem here is that these fields are set to 'Number,Double,Fixed,2decimal
places' format and are displayed correctly from within Access but when
displayed in my Vb application, the zero's after the decimal are truncated.
For example '123.20' is displayed as '123.2' and '1500.00' is displayed as

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A: 1. yes.. set the Form.KeyPreview to TRUE. Then oput in the Form_KeyDown (or Press or Up) the code to check for ascii 27 (= escapekey). If so then Unload the form... If you want to go back to the previous form just remeber the formname from which form you have started this one you are closing. 2. use the command Format; this way you can set how a value is showed.. see the Help for all possibilitys Return