Textbox popup menus

I'm wondering if it's possible to add menu items to the existing textbox popup menu.  I know you can easily suppress the existing popup but unfortunately I need the functionality of these items without  "re-inventing the wheel". To-wit, copy, cut, paste, etc. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Paul Kramarczyk; PaulJeromeK@excite.com


A: interesting question but i have to say that i don't know it. i know it is possible to add/remove from systemmenu' also there are some api calls to get a handle to (popup)menu and then you can add/remove/change items. but then i have to know the identifier off the textbox popupmenu... So I don't know.. just try searching on the api calls. perhaps a combination of the method to suppress it and modify the menu will give the soltuion.. Return