Q: Access, Word or what?
> I just wanted to compliment you on the great job you've done on your VB
> site. I was very impressed by the wealth of knowledge you've gathered.
> We are just getting into the VB arena and it's comforting to know that
> resources like your's are available.
> We want to be able to build a front end to MS Word where the user will
> query an SQL Server database to retrieve customer information (name,
> address) then launch Word and automatically fill a template with the
> query results. At the same time maintaining an archive of these
> documents, organizing them by customer for later reference. The user
> would have no control over document naming conventions as well as
> placement. Just a simple query, fill out, print, save, and the ability
> to access for future reference. Is this possible?
Kaznowski, Ron; rkaz@enia.com
Ron, everything is possible (if you have time and money ;-)) but I 
have made an application which uses a MS Access database; get some 
records and/or fields (chossen by the user) and then use word to 
print it in a template (in my case an order to pay). Ms Word is used 
transparent.. it will not be opened for the user so they cannot make 
any changes. It is very simple (the basics). By changing some command 
you can save the result in a location of your choice:

In the example (MailMerge.zip) you can change the line
xWord.SaveAs strPath & strNAW into anything you want.
I suggest you take a look at the example. it is easy to understand 

For later use you can store the filename into a database. This way 
your users can easily access the files.