Q: Getting date & time from the NTserver 
How do i get the system date & time from the server?
Alberto Perdomo; a.perdomo@codetel.net.do

A: the best I can come up with is a trick I used on a window for workgroups network: make use of the command NET. The syntax would be something like Net Time \\servername /SET /YES You can do it in a batch-file or with the vb-command SHELL.

I found also some API-calls:
- SetSystemTimeAdjustment: "win32 makes it possible for the internal system clock to be synchronized to an external source...."
- SetSystemTime: "sets the current system time"
But I did not get it to work... Connecting to the "external source" is not very clear to me. Perhaps you can work it out? BTW I don't have (yet) NT either.. Return