Q: Setting printer mode
I want to set the MODE of a printer to LANDSCAPE .. (The printer is a network printer, which is set to PORTRAIT as default). I am not conversant at all with API functions. Would it be possible for you to show me an example where I could send a function parameters like "portrait" or "landscape" from my code at runtime so that I could control the printer settings??
Chakravarti, Rajiv; Rajiv.Chakravarti@Wichita.BOEING.com

Rajiv Chakravarti,
if you are using VB4 or VB5 setting the printer to another mode is very simple: Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape Printer.Orientation = vbPRORPortrait if you are using VB3 there is another way to set the orientation. The example is at the url:

http://www.kather.net/VisualBasicSource/VBTips/116.htm Return