Q: Showing Date and Photo
if you could give me a tip on how to display and a date that can include year 2000s.
I would like again to ask you help on how to link a field(particulary photo field) of my Database to an OLE or picturebox or imagebox control. Its because I also use the same syntax as your in assigning and accessing my database. Dim DB As Database Dim RS As Recordset Set DB = OpenDatabase("Resource.mdb") Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("Members") LastName = RS!LastName FistName = RS!FirstName Photo = ??????? How to link my photo field to my OLE or picturebox?
A: What about Format(Now,"mm/dd/yyyy")? See the help on the VBcommand Format

I would not include the photo into the database. Instead I would do it like this: So for example you have your executable directory and under it you have the directory containing the jpg's (gif's or what else). executable = c:\program files\members\members.exe database = c:\program files\members\database\resource.mdb photo = c:\program files\members\photo\*.jpg I assume you give all the members an unique number? It's always good to do so. This way you can renamed the photo of the member as [memberID].jpg You don't need a field in the database, just call the photo by it's path and name. So if you have memberID 12345 on the screen and you want to see it's photo just make a little button with some code that will do the trick: the path is always (in the example) a directory under the executable so this would be App/Path & "\photo\". The name of the photo is always the memberID + the extension: in the example 12345.jpg Sub Command1_Click() Dim strPhoto As String strPhoto = App.Path & "\photo\" & RS!MemberID & ".jpg" Image1.Picture = strPhoto 'I'm not sure if you show it with this command but you can easily 'find it in the help End Sub Return