Q: CheckSoftware 
I was visiting your VisualBasicSource web page, and went exploring the CheckSoftware function. However, I couldn't understand what it was supposed to do, or what you meant it to do, so I decided to ask you if you could help me in my doubts. Please, could you explain me the functionality of this function?
Reis Lima Quarteu reis@elefante.fe.up.pt
A: it is for prventing a user to start more then one instance of your application. Use it as followed: copy & paste the code into your application call it as the first line in your main form load event: Call CheckSoftware(Form1) You notice only the result when you try to start two times of your application. So first make the code to a executable. Then run the executable. At last try to start it a second time (while the first executable is still running...).