Q: Two questions on the same day about strings!
1. Subject:          Re: problem with string matching

I am to develop a so called intelligent recommendation system using
VB5 (only on hotels). I do not know how to
retrieve each word from a string of words keyed in by the user. For
city, swimming pool, bar, $100, 31/8/1998 - 2/9/1998

I need to retrieve each word like city, swimming, pool...etc. and
store them in seperate arrays. I then have to check them against
keywords to then make a search in my database for the closest match.
The date is for the user to know whether the hotel is available at
that date or not.

Marissa Tan; marissatan@yahoo.com

2. Comma Delimited

I was just wondering if you knew any logical way to print on to a form a
comma or tab delimited. The file name would look a little some thing
like this

"H","FirstName","LastName","Client ID","PatientID","Phone","RequestID"

I sort of want to input all fields into labels or text boxes
correspondingly. The Top part of the file is the Header and the "R" are
results so I can probably print them to the form. I am just wondering if
you know how to do this or where I can get some source. I also would
like to figure out how to read a fixed lenght ASCII file. Your help
would be very appreciated...

Brad Candell; bcandell@idexx-informatics.com

A: It seems difficult but it's not. Just use the INSTR command. If you get the string example on the site you see how you can do this. http://www.kather.net/VisualBasicSource/vbworkingwithstrings.txt Return