Q: Starting without user interference 
I would like to know if you have the source code for inserting a *.avi,
or video clip into a form, I managed to insert it but when I run the
video clip I have to Double _Click the application to start, I  would
like it to start automatically and there must be no control to stop it.
I have put two command buttons at the bottom of the form, 
1. Continue 2. Exit

All that I want is that the video clip must play without the user
starting it or stopping it.

gberends; gberends@micropress.co.za

A: Oke you have made it already only the order of events isn't yet right. Just insert into the form_load event a call to the code under the command buttons which makes the video start... make the buttons invisible and you have a video which runs when the form is loaded. your users cannot stop the video; only by exiting the form (thats what you wanted?) Return