Q: Calling Forms from within another Form
Cesar Piscoya Arbaņil; cpiscoya@protelsa.com.pe wrote: Hello, I want to use two forms calling one from the other and when finished get the control back to the caller, I guess it is easy but just couldn't find how to do it.
A: 'make two forms with two commandbutton's. 'set the next code in the right events 'on form1 Sub command1_click() 'if you want form1 to disappear form1.hide or Unload form1 form2.show End Sub 'on form2 Sub command1_click() 'if you want form2 to disappear form2.hide or Unload form2 form1.show End Sub 'if you don't want to use a commandbutton on form2 you can set the code also under the Form2_Unload event. 'So when the user clicks on the cross it will unload form2 and show form1 Sub Form2_Unload() form1.Show End Sub Return