Q190000 :HOWTO: Get Started Programming With the Windows API (LONG)
Q190029 :INFO: Print Out File Properties Using the FileSystemObject
Q190030 :BUG: FillStyle Pattern Not Visible for Shape on UserControl
Q190031 :PRB: Control Does Not Remain in Lightweight Frame Control
Q190038 :BUG: Windowless OptionButton Events Not in Correct Order
Q190039 :BUG: VB Crashes When Deselecting Multi-selected Objects
Q190042 :PRB: License Collection vs. Standard Collection in For Each
Q190043 :PRB: Controls Collection vs. Standard Collection in For Each
Q190046 :INFO: Package and Deployment Wizard Section of VB6 Readme.htm
Q190048 :BUG: DHTML Project's MsgBox Statement Appears Behind Browser
Q190049 :BUG: Compile Error When Using Document.Write in DHTML App
Q190050 :PRB: BuildFile Property of DHTML Application Is Missing
Q190067 :BUG: Object References Might Not Be Released Properly
Q190068 :BUG: Control Interface Wizard May Not Expose BackColor Property
Q190076 :HOWTO: Avoid GPF When Using a VB6 DLL with a VB5 UserControl
Q190077 :HOWTO: Set Number of .CAB's in Setup.lst After Repackaging
Q190078 :BUG: [[BadImplementsRefInCompatLib]] Error Message
Q190079 :BUG: Procedure Declaration Does Not Match Description of Event
Q190080 :PRB: VBCE 1.0 on Same Machine as VB6 Causes Application Error
Q190085 :BUG: No Binary Compatibility Error With Null GUIDs Enums
Q190087 :BUG: Stop a Running Project From Immediate Window Crashes IDE
Q190088 :BUG: Icon Resource May Not Appear as Expected
Q190109 :HOWTO: Keep RDO Cursor Open After Transaction
Q190112 :PRB: Data Object Wizard Fails If Field Names Contain Spaces
Q190113 :BUG: Query Designer Generates Invalid SQL Statement
Q190121 :INFO: Why Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio 6.0 Require IE4
Q190124 :PRB: Can Not Create temp Table Using ODBCdirect
Q190130 :INFO: Description of VB 6.0 Run Time and OLE Automation Files
Q190131 :PRB: Instantiating a Project-Compatible Server Causes Error 430
Q190150 :HOWTO: Force Application Setup to Use the Default Directory
Q190153 :INFO: Remove Information About Unused ActiveX Controls
Q190165 :BUG: Compile Errors When Using Command Line Argument /MAKE
Q190166 :PRB: PDW Does Not Include .ASP and .HTM Files for Standard Setup
Q190173 :INFO: How Setup Wizard and PDW Compare File Versions and Dates
Q190174 :HOWTO: Create Shortcuts on the Programs Menu Using PDW
Q190175 :BUG: MTS is Unable to Delete VB6 Project Compatible Server
Q190176 :BUG: Visual Basic Setup Does Not Re-register System Files
Q190177 :BUG: Stop Statement in ActiveX Server Causes VB to Fail
Q190178 :BUG: PDW Creates an Invalid Setup for a VB 5.0 Project
Q190179 :HOWTO: Change ProgressBar Orientation at Run-Time
Q190180 :PRB: Value of the Point Function Does Not Match Set Color
Q190193 :HOWTO: Use a Satellite DLL to Localize an Add-In
Q190195 :HOWTO: ExtractInformation From Excel Sheet with DAO
Q190196 :FIX: Command Line Compile Fails with MFC ActiveX Control
Q190197 :BUG: User Defined Type Not Defined Using Binary Compatibility
Q190198 :BUG: VB Fails When Editing Modules That Are Interdependent
Q190199 :BUG: OLEcont MSDN Sample Does Not Allow a SaveAs Cancel
Q190200 :BUG: Name Conflict Error Even After Renaming Module
Q190207 :INFO: Satellite DLL Directory Search Patterns
Q190209 :BUG: Seek Returns Unexpected Value When File Opened for Append
Q190210 :PRB: OCX Gives "Type Mismatch" or Does Nothing on Target Machine
Q190211 :PRB: Problems With Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 on Same System
Q190212 :BUG: Add-Ins Only Visible to the User Who Installs VB
Q190213 :BUG: Type Mismatch Error Comparing String With Byte Array
Q190214 :HOWTO: Databound Chart Control Requires First Column To Be Text
Q190216 :BUG: Printer.DrawWidth Appears To Be Ignored with Windows 95/98
Q190217 :HOWTO: Get Free System Resources in 32-Bit Visual Basic
Q190218 :HOWTO: Retrieve Settings From a Printer Driver
Q190220 :PRB: "Invalid Property Value" When You Query MDIChild Property
Q190221 :BUG: Queries or Views Do Not Appear in Data Form Wizard
Q190222 :BUG: UserConnection GPF When Inserting Multiple Queries
Q190223 :PRB: StdFont Rescales When Shared with Printer Object
Q190224 :HOWTO: Set a Minimum and Maximum Size for a UserControl
Q190225 :HOWTO: Do a MergeCells with FlexGrid or Hierarchical FlexGrid
Q190226 :HOWTO: Programmatically Add Child Controls to a CoolBar
Q190249 :INFO: DHTML Page Designer Section of VB6 Readmevb.htm
Q190250 :BUG: DHTML Page Designer: Cannot Find the Mshtml.Hlp File
Q190251 :BUG: Option Explicit Statement Is Not Added by a DHTML Page
Q190252 :HOWTO: Change the External HTML Editor for DHTML Page Designer
Q190253 :INFO: VB6 Designers Do Not Work in VB5
Q190254 :BUG: Cannot Insert MFC 4.1 Based Controls in DHTML Page Designer
Q190255 :BUG: DHTML Page Designer Does Not Insert the Tag
Q190256 :HOWTO: Show Table Borders for All Cells in DHTML Page Designer
Q190369 :BUG: RDO LastModified Is Not Consistent After Moving EOF
Q190409 :BUG: Font Changes After Open Stored Procedure in Data View
Q190411 :HOWTO: Bind a DataReport To an ADO Recordset at Run Time
Q190447 :FIX: RDO BatchUpdate Causes Visual Basic 5.0 to Crash
Q190451 :BUG: Exiting VB While T-SQL Debugger Is Running Causes Hang
Q190459 :BUG: Restricted Function or Interface Error with IDispatch
Q190460 :BUG: Type Mismatch Error in Client After Modifying Server DLL
Q190476 :BUG: License Not Included With Active Control Distribution
Q190477 :BUG: Run-time Error '326' with LoadResData
Q190492 :BUG: New Implements Does Not Generate Incompatibility Error
Q190493 :BUG: "Locate File" Message When Running a PDW Setup App
Q190502 :PRB: Missing Files Dialog Box Appears When Running PDW
Q190503 :PRB: Multi-Disk Package Too Large for Targeted Disk Size
Q190504 :BUG: CommandButton Style Problem with Cyrillic Script
Q190505 :BUG: Passing a Double Variable Causes Overflow Error in IDE
Q190507 :BUG: No Incompatibility Error When Interface Changes
Q190511 :BUG: UserControl Containing Array of Controls Leaks Memory
Q190512 :HOWTO: Read Extender Properties from a UserControl
Q190519 :BUG: UserControl Causes VB IDE to Crash on Shutdown
Q190520 :BUG: ScrollBars Disappear on Mouse Move in OLE Container
Q190522 :PRB: Error Setting Field Format Property of Access Tables
Q190523 :PRB: Automation Error (-2147417843) Using the System Tray
Q190553 :INFO: Do Not Use VB Color Constants in DHTML Page Designer
Q190583 :BUG: No Data Source Name Generates Run-Time Error Using RDC
Q190584 :BUG: Some Properties or Methods Not Displayed in DataReport
Q190595 :INFO: Visual Modeler 2.0: Where Is the ORDERSYS Sample?
Q190605 :BUG: Binding Hierarchical Recordset in Data Environment
Q190620 :BUG: Error 3622 Open SQL Server Table with Identity Column
Q190634 :PRB: Activate Event Is Not Triggered with Child Form of MDI Form
Q190636 :BUG: Invalid TMP Directory Causes GPF in DataEnvironment
Q190642 :PRB: ADODC Error on Reposition When EOFAction is adDoAddNew
Q190663 :PRB: Opening an ODBC Database Inside a Jet Workspace Hangs VB
Q190670 :HOWTO: Dynamically Add Controls to a Form with Visual Basic 6.0
Q190673 :BUG: Flat Scroll Bars in ListView Do Not Work Correctly
Q190685 :BUG: TabStrip Control's TabStyle Has No Effect at Run-Time
Q190727 :HOWTO: Control Your Updates in ADO Via "Update Criteria"
Q190775 :INFO: Installation Requirements for Visual Basic 6.0
Q190777 :BUG: PDW: Out-of-Date Dependency Information COMCT332.OCX
Q190778 :BUG: PDW Incorrectly Includes Autoprx32.dll for DCOM Server
Q190790 :BUG: Circular Dependency Error After Breaking Compatibility
Q190814 :HOWTO: Display a ReadMe File at the End of Setup
Q190846 :BUG: Calling AsyncRead on a File Twice Causes Error 698
Q190882 :SAMPLE: FSOSamp.exe Application Uses the FileSystem Object
Q190886 :HOWTO: Manage State Between DHTML Page Designer Pages
Q190887 :PRB: P&D Wizard Does Not Create HTM for All ActiveX DLL Projects
Q190906 :BUG: DBGrid Displays Blank Rows When Modifying Column Width
Q190920 :PRB: Cannot Use MSFlexGrid Wizard Control in Custom App
Q190924 :BUG: Command Line Argument /MAKE Truncates User Documents
Q190952 :HOWTO: Upgrade Project to Use the New MSCCOMCTL.OCX in VB6
Q190967 :BUG: Changing Implemented Class Does Not Give Compatibility Erro
Q190978 :PRB: Missing Dependency Information Dialog in PDW
Q190979 :DOC: CodeLocation Property Incorrectly Shows Optional Argument
Q190980 :BUG: Error Using UsesTransaction for MTSTransactionMode
Q190992 :BUG: Mouse Events Do Not Fire From ADODC

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