Q160968 :PRB: Setup Wizard Fails Ater Installing VB5CCE
Q160974 :HOWTO: Determine If Text in a Text Box Can Be Undone
Q161008 :HOWTO: Add an About Box to an ActiveX Control (UserControl)
Q161052 :HOWTO: Create a Default Value for Custom Controls and Classes
Q161056 :HOWTO: Iterate Controls on a Form from a Property Page
Q161094 :HOWTO: Use the Procedure Attributes Dialog Box
Q161133 :HOWTO: Block CTRL+ALT+DEL and ALT+TAB in Windows 95
Q161136 :HOWTO: Shutdown Windows NT and Windows 95 from Visual Basic Code
Q161137 :HOWTO: Use Project and Binary Compatibility
Q161139 :PRB: Custom ActiveX Property Sheet Entries Are Not Saved
Q161151 :HOWTO: Get Windows Status Information via API Calls
Q161152 :HOWTO: Add a New Appointment in Schedule Plus
Q161153 :HOWTO: Use the Assert Method for Debugging
Q161156 :HOWTO: Create A Default Event for a UserControl
Q161161 :HOWTO: Search a ListBox Control Quickly
Q161208 :HOWTO: Create a Default Property For a User Control
Q161209 :PRB: Resizing OCX Does Not Resize Its Component Control(s)
Q161232 :HOWTO: Use Spaces in Enumerated Types
Q161237 :PRB: Apply Button on Custom OCX Property Page Always Disabled
Q161240 :HOWTO: Select All Text in a Field When It Gets the Focus
Q161247 :HOWTO: Make ENTER Key Move Focus Like TAB Key for VB Control
Q161256 :HOWTO: Customize Visual Basic Menus to Use Mnemonics
Q161257 :HOWTO: Add a Toolbar to a Visual Basic Project
Q161270 :HOWTO: Extend the Scrolling Capabilities of a TextBox Control
Q161272 :HOWTO: Make a Typelib (.TLB) File for ActiveX Components
Q161273 :HOWTO: Create Data Bound Controls
Q161274 :HOWTO: Port a Remote OLE Application to DCOM
Q161283 :INFO: Default Filename for Text File Error Log: VBEVENTS.LOG
Q161286 :HOWTO: Use a Common Dialog File Open Dialog with Win32 API
Q161287 :HOWTO: Register Add-ins for Visual Basic 5.0
Q161288 :HOWTO: Get More Information on the ODBC Call Failed Error
Q161298 :HOWTO: Extract Appointment Information from Schedule Plus 7.0
Q161299 :HOWTO: Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or any Window
Q161300 :HOWTO: Determine the Type of Drive Using Win32
Q161301 :HOWTO: Pass a Point Structure to the Windows API by Value
Q161303 :HOWTO: Close a Shelled Process When Finished Under Windows
Q161304 :HOWTO: Convert Hexadecimal Numbers to Long Integer
Q161305 :PRB: "Hash Marks" on ActiveX Controls After Run-Time Error
Q161306 :INFO: App.LogEvent Only Logs in Compiled Applications
Q161308 :How To Modify Properties of an Object Passed ByVal
Q161343 :HOWTO: Create a New Contact in Schedule Plus from Visual Basic
Q161344 :PRB: Problems Using Visual Basic 5.0 and 4.0 on Same System
Q161823 :HOWTO: Use Build Tags to Exclude Topics from a Help File
Q161827 :PRB: "Object Server Not Correctly Registered" Error in VB4-32
Q161828 :HOWTO: Use SetParent to Place Controls on New Tab at Run Time
Q161837 :HOWTO: Create a DCOM Client/Server Application
Q162719 :HOWTO: Use the WebBrowser Control from Visual Basic 5.0
Q162742 :BUG: Setup Fails When Directory Named is >237 Characters
Q163229 :HOWTO: Use Optional Arguments in Intrinsic Data Types
Q163234 :PRB: User-defined Formats in OLE Drag-Drop Require Byte Arrays
Q167947 :FIX: ODBC CAB File Does Not Install 16-bit ODBC Files
Q167948 :FIX: Internet Component Download Fails After Using Setup Toolki
Q167950 :FIX: DAO Internet Component Download Fails to Install
Q167951 :FIX: Autmgr32.exe Fails After Component Download
Q168153 :FIX: DBGrid Bound to RDC Displays a Single Row After MoveLast
Q168155 :FIX: Crash When Resizing Column of Split DBGrid
Q168156 :FIX: DBGrid Bound to RDC Displays Small Resultsets Incorrectly
Q168157 :FIX: Problems Binding Multiple Controls to RDC 2.0
Q168158 :FIX: Can't Close Resultset if DBGrid Bound to RDC
Q168159 :FIX: DBCombo Updates Incorrectly When Using RDC Bound ListSourc
Q168160 :FIX: Error on Update After AddNew with RDC and Bound Controls
Q168161 :FIX: Distributed Transaction Fails on Subsequent Runs
Q168162 :FIX: RDO Move 0 Fails to Refresh Record
Q168163 :FIX: Memory Leak When Calling UserConnection Query Event
Q168278 :INFO: Cannot Access UserConnection Properties from Add-In
Q168431 :PRB: Launching VB5 ActiveX Documents from Internet Explorer
Q168744 :FIX: Printer May Lose Font Attributes
Q168800 :INFO: Visual Basic 5.0 Fixes in Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 1

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