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A ton of useful information and source code for VB programmers
There is a ton of useful information and source code here; if it were better organized, this would be a really first-rate VB site. The creator/maintainer of this site is clearly a dedicated and knowledgeable VB programmer, and the quantity of tips and code snippets present is impressive, but it's all lumped together in several very long pages. The site definitely needs a serious reorganization/re-architecture. There's a search engine, but it doesn't work very well--searching for "context menu" turns up no results, despite the fact that several file descriptions include that very term.

Special attention is given to Access database connectivity, with source code available to deal with a variety of issues. There are a few too many annoying animated gifs lying around, but if you can ignore those and have the time to hunt down what you're looking for, this site is well worth a visit.
-Steve Renaker

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