Free Windows Software

In the following Zip-files are only those files included which are nessecarry (like the executable etc). In the software I use mostly standard VB controls. So if you don't have Visual Basic 4/32 (or VB5) installed you must also download the files or
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(5.23 Mb)
Create and upload a 'Whats New' page for your site quickly in combination with an access database 01-07-2000
VB 6
Search & Replace
(1.33 Mb)
Search and replace text in ascii files 21-06-2000
VB 6
(1.77 Mb)
Clean certain (sub)directory's on a filemask. 06-01-2000
VB 6
(37 Kb)
Update your site with changed or new html-pages (or data) and make automaticly a 'What's New' page. 19-04-1998
VB 5
(15 Kb)
Quick and easy making of shortcuts; especially for central placed software. 19-01-1998
VB 5
(7 Kb)
Seeing all open windows and close the one you want automaticly. Works in combination with System Agents or Cron32. 19-01-1998
VB 5
(57 Kb)
Make a backup of your local data with FTP to a central FTP-server. 02-02-1998
VB 5
(135 Kb)
This application makes an index database of ascii files and the pages you have linked on your site. With the CGI-executable you have the oppertunity to let readers search your files & other sources. 02-03-1998
VB 5
(29 Kb)
With this program you automaticly convert your internet short cuts to a html-table. So everybody can surf on to your favorites. The program can do his/her work onattended (with System Agents). If you want to see it in action... 12-05-1997
(13 Kb)
Extract icons from any EXE or DLL file 14-04-1997
(21 Kb)
Utility to change rapidly and easy certain HTML-code (or any other ASCII text) in your The program (version 0.3) search the maximum of 32000 sub-directory's, can search and replace case-sensitive and with confirmation. 27-01-1997
(53 Kb)
When you are publishing HTML-pages on the web it's very handy to let your readers know when something has changed. This software will do the job for you. It's checks the pages on changes (in size or date) and when this is true it will send a mailmessage (you can construct it yourself) to a list off mailnames.
For the WebMasters it's also possible to let readers add theirself to the list throught your HTML-page. (CGI-binary included)
Add the application to the System Agent and let the program onattended do his work at night. For the time being the software only works when you have a direct mapping to the location off your pages!
(29 Kb)
Show if your online or not. With the possiblity of mailing and anonymous ftp (if your server permits it). Make a link on your page to the HTML-file called "ingelogd.htm" and see the result. 07-02-1997
(13 Kb)
make a sitemap of your webserver (works only with O'Reilly webserver!) 13-06-1997