'make a access-database in VB4

'make a form1 with one command-button on it
'place the code in the Click_event

Sub Command1_click
    Dim antwoord
    Dim lokatie$
    Dim tb As TableDef
    Dim fld As Field
    Dim indx As Index
    Dim DBNaam$
    Dim dbNieuw As Database
    'location database
    lokatie = InputBox("Where do you want the database placed?", App.Path)
    If lokatie = "" Then Unload Form1
    If Right(lokatie, 1) <> "\" Then lokatie = lokatie & "\"
    'check if directorie exists
    antwoord = Dir(lokatie)
    'it don't exist so make it
    If antwoord = "" Then MkDir (lokatie)
    'get name of the new database
    antwoord = InputBox("What's the name of the database?")
    If antwoord = "" Then Unload Form1

    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
    'make database 
    DBNaam$ = lokatie & antwoord & ".mdb"
    Set dbNieuw = CreateDatabase(DBNaam$, dbLangGeneral, dbVersion30)
    'make a table
    Set tb = dbNieuw.CreateTableDef("youretablename")
    'make a date-field
    Set fld = tb.CreateField("date", dbDate)
    tb.Fields.Append fld
    'make a meno-field
    Set fld = tb.CreateField("omschrijving", dbMemo)
    tb.Fields.Append fld
    'make a Yes/No field
    Set fld = tb.CreateField("alarm", dbBoolean)
    tb.Fields.Append fld
    'make a text field with a length of 8 characters
    Set fld = tb.CreateField("username", dbText, 8)
    tb.Fields.Append fld
    dbNieuw.TableDefs.Append tb
    'make a index on the date-field
    Set indx = tb.CreateIndex("date")
    Set fld = indx.CreateField("date")
    indx.Unique = False
    indx.Fields.Append fld
    tb.Indexes.Append indx
    'make a unique index on the field username
    Set indx = tb.CreateIndex("username")
    Set fld = indx.CreateField("username")
    indx.Unique = True
    indx.Fields.Append fld
    tb.Indexes.Append indx
    Screen.MousePointer = vbNormal
End Sub