Workaround with Snapshots that behave like Dynasets 

Here is my tip with recordsets

Normally a snap shot type of object is created speedily and is desirable
when working with large number of records. However you cannot navigate
throught this table except one record forward at a time. I have devised a
workaround for this.

I create an invisible list box and store all the records within this
listbox with the additem method. I have also written a small subroutine
for filling up list or comboboxes with recordset names, fieldnames and
controlnames as its arguments.

Once the listbox is filled i manipulate the listindex to navigate through
the recordset as i want to. The benfit achived here is that of speedy
retrieval of data without losing the option to move backwards or more than
one step forwards or to quickly count the number of records retrieved,

I think this is a nice workaround that i have got through and many of our
friends can use this particularly with Oracle databases.

Nilesh L. Deshpande;