> I down loaded a example file for searching databases. But the code uses a
> "IF" statement, and when the statement finds the record I am searching, I
> don't know how to show the record in my dbgrid. The example program has a
> text line " show your record here ".

'Show you record here' can have several solutions. 
Suppose you have search for a record which has three fields: 
name, address and place. 
if you use the code in the examples you have a recordset (rsList). 
so the field name is rsList.Fields(1); the field address is rsList.Fields(2) 
and the field place is rsList.Fields(3)

just make a form; put three labels (or textboxes) on it and 
place the values of the recordset in the labels (or textboxes)...

label1.caption = rsList.Fields(1)
lable2.caption = rsList.Fields(2)
label3.caption = rsList.Fields(3)

you better make use of indexed controls so your code will be much easier and quicker:

For intX = 1 to rsList.Fields.Count
	Lable(intX).Caption = rsList.Fields(intX)
Next 'intX