Reading the VB newsgroup comp.lang.basic.visual.misc I noticed that some questions always come back. So I just collected them and put them together with the source-code on one page.
Programming in Visual Basic is not very difficult. programming is just a way of thinking. You must find the proper syntax to make your lines of codes. Visual Basic is just one language of many. But there is so much to find about programming in Visual Basic and there are so many tools and utilities to make your programming live easy - even with the .NET enviremont - that programming in VB is a simple choice.
This section provides you with examples. Some are out-dated and are standard in the .NET enviremont. But just to look at some code is a good way of learning how to program.
Well, have a nice time here in this site

To get the code just click on the name..
Version-stamp means the example is made under that language.
It will probaly work under major versions as well.

VB CheckSoftware is this application already started? 05-03-1997
VB CheckTime converting text-input to a reliable time 05-03-1997
VB Coding (de)Coding Ascii 12-01-1998
VB Convert converting numbers 16-06-1997
VB Convert ColorDepth converting 16->24 or back (zip: 1.7kb) 06-09-1998
VB CoolLogic module with common non-microsoft procedures and functions 06-05-2000
VB Drag&Drop use drag and drop in a application 05-03-1997
VB FileExists check if file already exists 08-04-1998
VB FileName get only the filename 16-06-1997
VB Integer2Hex convert integer to Hex 05-03-1997
VB Leap-Year check if year is a leap-year 19-04-1998
VB LimitInput limit input in a textbox to certain characters 09-05-1997
VB Load make controls at runtime 05-03-1997
VB MessageBox how to use the output of this control 09-06-1997
VB Pause let your application wait for a certain time 05-03-1997
VB PrintGrid print the contents of a grid 09-06-1997
VB ResizeForm how to resize a form on runtime 09-06-1997
VB Rounding rounds your numbers to specified decimals 09-05-1997
VB Search&Replace search for a specific string and replace it with another 23-11-1999
VB SetSelected set text selected when entering a textbox 05-03-1997
VB SplashScreen give your application a splashscreen 05-03-1997
VB SplitIntoWords split a given string into different words 20-12-1999
VB String questions about strings & arrays 12-05-1997
VB TextBox working with standard TextBox-control 15-04-1997
VB TextFile working with textfiles (Open etc) 10-04-1997
VB Time get the passed time without a Timer control 15-04-1997
VB ToolTips show tooltips on controls 05-03-1997
VB URL start browser with URL 05-03-1997
VB WordWrap use wordwrapping while printing textbox 09-06-1997

VB 3 CenterForm center your form on screen 02-06-1997
VB 3 ComLayer.exe use acces 2.0 with vb3 05-03-1997
VB 3 INIFile using INI-files with your application 05-03-1997
VB 3 MakeonTop put your application on top 05-03-1997
VB 3 MoveForm move your form without a tittle bar (by control) 05-03-1997
VB 3 Setup make programgroup en icons in win3.x 04-06-1997
VB 3 System getting systeminformation like available Memory; processor 05-03-1997
VB 3 Username get the current username 05-03-1997

VB 4 About show application facts like version/path etc 09-04-1997
VB 4 Calender print a month-calender 09-06-1997
VB 4 Catalog get all the files on a drive *FAST* (project in ZIP) 24-04-1997
VB 4 CenterForm center a form on the screen or on a MDI-form 02-06-1997
VB 4 CenterForm center a form on the screen 02-06-1997
VB 4 CGI use VB to make a CGI-executable 15-04-1997
VB 4 CheckUser CGI: check user against database 16-06-1997
VB 4 CommonDialog use the commondialogcontrol (Font, Printer, Color) 14-03-1997
VB 4 CommonDialog example with File Open/Save as 18-06-1997
VB 4 Convert converting integers to text (project in ZIP) 02-04-1997
VB 4 Delete delete all files in given directory 07-07-1997
VB 4 (sub)Dir get the (sub)directorys 10-04-1997
VB 4 DiskInfo getting disk serial and freespace 05-03-1997
VB 4 ExtractIcon get icons from exe/dll files 14-04-1997
VB 4 FileType make a associated filetype 01-07-1997
VB 4 FindFile find a file on a drive/path 10-04-1997
VB 4 exFloodFilluse of the API call exFloodFill 09-02-1998
VB 4 GetDrives use of the API-call to get drive information 14-07-1997
VB 4 GetLocalInfo use of the API-call to get currency-format 12-05-1997
VB 4 GetLocalTime use of the API-call 18-03-1997
VB 4 Gradient make a form with a gradient background 15-04-1997
VB 4 Help using a helpfile 05-03-1997
VB 4 MinimizeForms minimize / restore all child forms 05-03-1997
VB 4 Modeless how to make a modeless form 01-07-1997
VB 4 MoveForm move your form without a tittle bar (by control) 05-03-1997
VB 4 PhoneDailer use the PhoneDailer in VB 07-07-1997
VB 4 PlayWave check if soundcard exist and then play a wave-file 09-05-1997
VB 4 PopUpMenu making & using a PopUp Menu 04-06-1997
VB 4 ProgressBar use of the ProgressBar Control 15-04-1997
VB 4 Reboot reboot your windows95 system 18-03-1997
VB 4 RecycleBin use the RecycleBin to delete files 08-07-1997
VB 4 Registry reading and writing to the Registry (everywhere you want) 12-03-1997
VB 4 Setup make group en icons under w95 04-06-1997
VB 4 ScreenSaver how to make a screensaver (not mine but a very good example!) 07-03-1999
VB 4 Scrollbar use a horizontal scrollbar with a listbox 18-03-1997
VB 4 ShortName get the shortfilename (8.3) 12-05-1997
VB 4 StartUp start program without using StartUp-folder 10-04-1997
VB 4 StayOnTop put your form on top of all 05-03-1997
VB 4 System getting systeminformation like available Memory; processor 05-03-1997
VB 4 SystemTray put your application-icon on the systemtray 05-03-1997
VB 4 Toolbar use of the Toolbar Control 15-04-1997
VB 4 URL open browser with URL 05-03-1997
VB 4 URL an other way to open browser with URL 10-04-1997
VB 4 Username read the username from the Registry 05-03-1997
VB 4 WriteLogFile use logging in your applications 09-05-1997

VB 5 CD Audio functions for CDAudio (requires MCI-control) 01-04-1997
VB 5 Ball bouncing ball 02-03-1998
VB 5 ClassProperty classes and dll's 01-02-1999
VB 5 Common Dialog use commondialog control without ocx 01-04-1997
VB 5 Crystal Reports working with Crystal Reports in VB 10-02-1999
VB 5 Control Panel access some control panel applets 01-04-1997
VB 5 Encrypt example using Class to (un)encrypt strings 16-01-1998
VB 4 GetDrives use of the API-call to get drive information 22-01-1998
VB 5 Hours calculate hours between startingtime and endtime (Zipfile) 09-01-1998
VB 5 HTML another way to start an URL in VB (works with MSIE & Netscape) 25-02-1998
VB 5 Icon Tray adding an icon to the system tray 01-04-1997
VB 5 LimitText limit text and goto to next textbox 10-10-1997
VB 5 ListBox search in Listbox 19-01-1998
VB 5 Logfile use a logging file 15-04-1998
VB 5 MailMerge using mailmerge from VB in Word 97(zip-file) 16-02-1998
VB 5 Search Form implement the search option 11-02-1999
VB 5 Reverse String string manipulation 01-02-1999
VB 5 Shell execute files like shortcut .lnk files 01-04-1997
VB 5 System Copy, move, delete and browse for folder 01-04-1997
VB 5 SystemMenu delete certain Systemmenu-items 30-10-1997
VB 5 SystemTray add an icon to the systemtray 02-06-1997
VB 5 Tasklist see all running applications 08-10-1997
VB 5 Toolbar make the toolbar flat like in Office etc 19-01-1998
VB 5 URL another way to start an URL in VB 01-12-1997
VB 5 Volume sets the volume for soundcards 01-04-1997
VB 5 WordWrap making wordwrap in code 10-05-1998

VB 6 Cash example about imitating a cash register 08-11-1999
VB 6 CodeWizard Add-In to give structured code 05-05-2000
VB 6 Convert Date converting date with just the Year, WeekOfYear and WeekDay 20-12-1999
VB 6 EasyWrite richtexteditor from Gideon Kos (inc. sourcecode) 25-01-2000
VB 6 Excel import/export between Excel and Access 23-11-1999
VB 6 Hearts very nice screensaver (with code) from Michael Hennessy 09-05-1999
VB 6 Help Word template for making helpfiles from Martin Wildam 14-09-1999
VB 6 ListBox Synchronize selected listbox item with label 05-05-2000
VB 6 Maximize windows in the development environment 26-05-2000
VB 6 MathsHelper a application from chris price ( 05-05-2000
VB 6 Reversi Reversi with code from Christopher Wu 22-11-1999
VB 6 ScreenSaver get the default screensaver (w95/98/nt) 04-03-1999
VB 6 Translation example about using arrays & collections (zip) 30-04-1999
VB 6 TreeView example about using a treeview 06-05-2000
VB 6 WinInfo information utility about user etc from Eric d Zollman 13-06-1999