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Tip 87: Sending Output to the Printer in Any Order

May 15, 1995

You can use the Visual Basic® Print method to send text to the default
printer. This article explains how you can send data to the printer in
any order (that is, you can print a line of text in the middle of the
page and then print some other text at the top of page).

Outputting Data to the Printer
In a Visual Basic® application, you may need to create a hard copy of
some data. To send data to the default printer, you use Visual Basic's
Print method. For example, to send a line of text to the printer, you
would issue a statement such as:

Printer.Print "This is a test"

When this statement is executed, Visual Basic will print the text on
the printer. Note that the text is printed at the coordinates
specified by the CurrentX and CurrentY properties.
Each time you send data to the printer, Visual Basic automatically
updates the CurrentX and CurrentY properties. CurrentX is incremented
each time a new character is sent to the printer on the same line.
When a new line is needed, the value in CurrentX is reset to zero,
and CurrentY is incremented by one to account for the new line.

Therefore, as the example program below shows, you can print to any
specific physical location on the paper. You can print a line of text
in the center of the paper first and then, by simply changing the
CurrentX and CurrentY properties, print a line of text at the top of
the page.

Example Program
The example program below prints two lines of text on the default
printer. The first line is actually the second line to be physically
transferred to the printer.

 1. Create a new project in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default.
 2. Add a Command Button control to Form1. Command1 is created by
 3. Add the following code to the Click event for Command1:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Printer.ScaleMode = 2
    Printer.FontSize = 42
    Printer.CurrentX = 40
    Printer.CurrentY = 40
    Printer.Print "This is the first line to be printed"
    Printer.CurrentX = 40
    Printer.CurrentY = 12
    Printer.FontSize = 14
    Printer.Print "This is actually the second line to be printed"
End Sub

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