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Tip 83: Listing Fields and Associated Properties for an Attached
        Microsoft Access Table

May 15, 1995

This article describes a sample user-defined Access Basic function
that you can use to retrieve all field names and their associated
properties for an attached Microsoft=AE Access=AE table.

More Information
This article assumes that you are familiar with Access Basic and with
creating Microsoft=AE Access=AE applications using the programming tools
provided with Microsoft Access. For more information on Access Basic,
please refer to the Building Applications manual for Access 2.0 and
the Introduction to Programming manual for Access 1.x.

The example program below uses tools in Visual Basic=AE to get
information from a Microsoft Access database.

Example Program
This program demonstrates how to create and use the sample
ListFieldProperties() function.

 1. Open the sample database NWIND.MDB. (This database can usually be
    found in the C:\ACCESS\SAMPAPPS directory.)
 2. From the File menu, choose New, and select Module.
 3. Enter the following code to create the ListFieldProperties()

Function ListFieldProperties ()
    Dim MyDB As Database
    Dim MyTable As TableDef
    Set MyDB =3D DBEngine(0)(0)
    Set MyTable =3D MyDB.TableDefs("Categories")
    For X =3D 0 To MyTable.Fields.Count - 1
    Debug.Print MyTable.Fields(X).Name
        For Y =3D 0 To MyTable.Fields(X).Properties.Count - 1
            Debug.Print Chr(9) & MyTable.Fields(X).Properties(Y).Name
        Next Y
    Next X
End Function

 4. From the View menu, choose Immediate Window.
 5. In the Immediate window, type the following line and press the
    ENTER key:

? ListFieldProperties()

The name of each field in the Categories table will be displayed along
with that field's properties.

Additional References
"Name Property." (Product Documentation, Office Developer's Kit 1.0,
   Microsoft Access 2.0, Language Reference)
"Using Properties." (Product Documentation, Office Developer's Kit 1.0,
   Microsoft Access 2.0, Advanced Topics)